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The Magic Begins

01. Favourite Character    Draco Malfoy

the boy who didn’t have a choice.


She was trying her best not to stare at him. She averted her gaze in every possible way. Everywhere but in his direction. The room was practically bare though. Blast it all! It was just her luck, wasn’t it? She leave it to Hermione Granger to seek him here. A room that held little to no objects, nothing that she could feign interest upon. She partially regretted her decision now to meet him.

She knew that this wasn’t going to be a serious conversation with Malfoy. How bloody well could it be when he refused to put his shirt back on!?  She had asked him twice; the first was polite insisting that he should while the second was more of a command in a shrill and bossy voice as he had swaggered from one corner of the room to another.

He now advanced closer looking all too pleased with her flustered appearance. A smug grin curved his lips; devilish even, she thought as her eyes betrayed her wishes and looked at him. After that? It was a downward spiral, so to speak - from there her gaze only lowered from his piercing grey eyes, pointed nose, and that damn grin, lowering to his bare chest and abdomen, adorned with wisps of golden hair and…and very….ah, nice…muscles. Yes, only…nice. His muscles were nice. Nothing spectacular, no. Not at all.

She refused to acknowledge the fact her mouth had grown dry at the sight of him….or that she was gawking.

However, Malfoy seemed willing to acknowledge her interest with amusement flickering across his features. “Enjoying the view, Granger?” He asked the witch.

She blinked, gaze growing bewildered as their eyes met again. Her lips parted, yet, silence came as for once the brightest witch of their age was left floundering for words. ”……..” 

And this only caused Malfoy’s eyes to darken, his grin turning into that blasted smirk, as he moved even closer to her.

down in a hole there are so many ways // yo find yourself some light // it’ always the miracles keep waiting all you like // ain’t got no time to waste i know the end is near // and if i run away i’ll always end up here // walking away from the things i adore // telling the truth for once I’m sure // it’s always a sign when you feel yourself bleed // i’m walking away from all i need // i can’t escape the tragedy that always brings me down // if i could eliminate those things that make me frown // take all the baggage that follows me around // and just disintegrate burn it to the ground